Lynn Ibbotson
Student Adult classes

“I didn’t start dancing until I was 58. For the past 3 years I have attended 3 classes per week. I have just completed my 6th year and to be honest I wish I had found belly dance in my 20′s! I know my dance style has improved a great deal since I first began but just imagine how good I would be if I’d started sooner.

Our dance teacher Ros is just amazing and so patient with everyone. Ask yourself: Is it time I did something for myself? Would I like to do something enjoyable, feel fabulous, make friends and exercise as well? If the answer is yes to any of these then give belly dancing a go!”


Hayley T
Student teenage class

“There is so much I love about being in the teenage class. I enjoy catching up with my friends and making new friends. The exercise is really good but not too strenuous. We do a whole variety of dances and the costumes that we wear for the annual concert are just AMAZING!”



Samantha L

“I started belly dancing with Ros in 2006 when I was 12 & I haven’t looked back! I’ve done everything from ballet to hip hop, yet this is the style of dance I’ve found to be the most enjoyable.
Belly dancing has been been a huge confidence boost for me. I now feel comfortable “in my own skin” & enjoy the many performance opportunities which allow me to get out of my comfort zone & into the spotlight which in itself is an amazing experience.
The classes are fun & I’m learning a unique style of dance in a comfortable accepting environment. Ros is very encouraging & supportive, going out of her way to make sure we understand what we’re doing whilst still having fun. I would recommend this to anyone looking to challenge themselves, to get out of their comfort zone or even just to try something new. It’s something you definately won’t regret!”


Farid Madkour of Gouzlan Egyptian Jewellery Mt Eliza
“I have travelled the world as a dancer with the National Folk troupe of Egypt .
In Australia I have seen women dancers that look like they have a stomach ache, and they call this Belly Dancing! But I have been so lucky to meet the amazing artist, the true Belly Dancer and wonderful choreographer, Ros (“Romaya”) of Shimmying Flames.”